The Pros and Cons of Alamy Photography Direct Buying


One of the many reasons why Alamy stands out from its competitors is its direct buying feature. Unlike other stock websites, you can purchase and download stock images without getting credits or subscribing to an image plan. The stock site believes that creative users should purchase Alamy photography, not credits. Thus, all prices are presented in US Dollars, Euros and British Pounds.

Alamy has made a tremendous job by giving creative professionals transparent purchase prices. Licensing costs are easy to understand when all purchases are done per photo. Direct buying allows you to buy what you need when you need it. That being said, the stock photo website does not require any payment to access their large collection of images. The registration is free. You can easily start searching for the images you need and download them right away.

Before we give you the pros and cons of Alamy direct buying, here are three main facts you should know. First, as mentioned earlier, the registration is free. You can set up an account in the website without paying a single amount. Second, the prices for direct buying starts from $14.99. This allows you to use the image in presentations. Lastly, you can buy images in US dollars as exchange rates are best in that currency.

alamyNow, let us go to the advantages and disadvantages of direct buying:

  • Advantages. Direct buying poses many great advantages. It offers transparent prices. You can buy what you want when you need it. It allows you to add licenses to your shopping cart as necessary by which you are charged accordingly. Moreover, there are no credit options. This means that no calculations are required to determine the actual cost of Alamy photography.
  • Disadvantage. There is only one disadvantage in direct buying, making it a pretty good feature. Direct buying does not provide discounts in bulk purchases or long term users. Since you images are priced individually, you cannot purchase packages to get bulk discounts. It also does not offer image plans; thus, you cannot get price reductions with long term usage.

With over 12 years in the industry, Alamy has proven that direct buying is still a very good option among creative professionals. The website has also recently redesigned their website to bring easier and faster navigation to its users. It aims to be the leader in speed in all areas of stock photo search to improve the experience of customers. However, you will not find good deals in the website as you can only purchase per photo. It presents a better deal for one-time buyers though. The inexpensive licensing options offers overall savings that is better than some credit-based stock photo agencies.